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Jan 112012
Belief is a Tool

One of the tenets we hold here at The Way to Actuality, and one we hold quite firmly, is this: faith is art. Through faith, the canvas of our lives becomes filled with decisions and actions, and our life takes on a musical quality, filling our own selves and those who look upon us with [...]

Oct 312011
Experience and What We Do About It

This Thought is the final part in the overview of model of morality I’ve been working on. Other Thoughts which have touched on parts of the model include “The Present in Motion,” “Decisions, Decisions,” and “How Existence Responds.” “How Existence Responds” discussed the other side of ethics, which I’ve termed “cosmics.” It’s about the response [...]

Oct 232011
What's In It for Me?

In the past few months, I’ve written introductions for all three approaches to faith, giving examples of what each approach looks like in actual practice. What I haven’t looked at, though, is how exactly the approaches are being taken. Perhaps more importantly, I also haven’t looked at why they are taken in the first place. [...]

Jul 152011
The Experience of a Lifetime

A little over a month ago, I introduced the idea that there are three distinct approaches to faith. The first is the response approach, which I detailed in “This Mythos Called ‘Life.’” It is about being presented with a question or premise by the faith and living your life in response, with no predetermined way [...]

Jul 152011

The dangers of hell are obvious and known to all The dangers of heaven are subtle and hidden from the wise In heaven there is abundance of all things In hell even the basic necessities are hard to come by In hell, life is found few and far between But heaven is overrun with the [...]

Jun 242011
The Attitudes We Assume

Before I really get into my Thought, let’s do a quick refresher on what the four steps of every moral action are (as described in “The Present in Motion”). First there is intent, which is deciding what we want to do. Then there is initiation, when we begin the action. Third is execution, which is [...]

Jun 062011
The Gauntlet Is Thrown

“When you’re lucid in a dream you’ll realize who you’ve imagined you are… but to identify with the dream is to become bewitched. Should you manage to stabilize your lucidity you will be able to co-create with it… instead of fighting, resisting & cursing it.” – The Archetype, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP In “This [...]